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 Teen Use Rates: 

Letters from the Governors of Alaska, Colorado and Oregon to Attorney General Jeff Sessions


  •  Colorado marijuana tax reports show tax revenue collected monthly as posted in the Colorado state accounting system.

  • Using publicly available data from the city of Denver and the state of Colorado, this study examines the effects of retail conversions (conversions from medical marijuana to retail marijuana stores) on neighboring house values in Denver, Colorado.

Crime Statistics and Public Safety

General Studies

A non-exhaustive compilation of the relevant, academic, peer-reviewed research on the effects of Cannabis Legalization in America, beginning with letters from the Governors of legal cannabis states addressing AG Sessions on the matter:

Oregon: Gov. Kate Brown highlights key points of Oregon's Marijuana Legalization Efforts:

Colorado: Gov. John Hickenlooper addresses Public Health and Public Safety concerns often cited by AG Sessions and other Prohibitionists:

Alaska: Gov. Bill Walker addresses AG Sessions' concerns regarding marijuana legalization and explains how legalization has helped Alaska combat the opioid crisis, also highlighting his underlying views that enforcement of cannabis policies should be left up to the individual states:

  •  Consistent with previous work, variables measuring routine activities at the ecological level were related to crime. There were no observed cross-sectional associations between the density of medical marijuana dispensaries and either violent or property crime rates in this study.

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