Association of Cannabis Professionals Voter guide, November 2018 election

ACP has compiled a voter guide for the convenience of our members and the cannabis community at large. The voter guide was completed as follows:

- ACP staff created 4 questionnaires to be circulated to candidates, one questionnaire for candidates for city offices, one for county offices, state offices, and federal offices.

-Staff Circulated these questionnaires to all candidates seeking public office representing San Diego County.

-Candidates were given 10 days to complete and submit the questionnaire relevant to the office he or she is seeking.

-Upon reviewing the submitted questionnaires, Staff assigned a preliminary rating to each candidate, on a scale including the ratings "All Star," "Acceptable," "Neutral/no rating," "Unknown," "Unacceptable," and "Anyone But!"

-Board then voted to approve or amend the preliminary ratings assigned by staff.  

-The full voter guide, with notes from staff, is available here.


City Offices: 

San Diego City Council, District 2: 
Jennifer Campbell - ACCEPTABLE

Jen Campbell has appeared at ACP meetings and has expressed generally progressive views on cannabis. However, her engagement with, and knowledge of, this issue has not been as profound as it could be, therefore Jen has been rated acceptable. 

Lorie Zapf - ANYONE BUT!

This official has been one of the greatest opponents of Safe Access in all of San Diego county. She has proactively used her political will to block retail, manufacturing, production, and cultivation in San Diego.



San Diego City Council, District 4: 

Myrtle Cole - Neutral/ No rating 

Myrtle Cole has at times voted for marijuana but has also, at times, gone with the advice of the San Diego Police department who can be relatively prohibitionist. 

Monica Montgomery - ACCEPTABLE 

Monica's questionnaire indicated progressive views on safe access, however her lack of a voting record on the subject combined with not a large public engagement presence on this issue precludes her from obtaining a rating higher than acceptable. 

San Diego City Council, District 6: 

Tommy Hough - ALL-STAR 

Tommy is a frequent attendee at ACP meetings and events. Tommy is dedicated to Safe Access - he has repeatedly stated publicly that he supports not only an increase in retail, manufacturing, production, and cultivation licenses within San Diego City, but he would also support implementation of a new regulatory framework permitting on-site consumption of cannabis within city limits. Tommy is very knowledge on the issue of cannabis and has earned the confidence of ACP board and staff.  

Chris Cate - Neutral/No rating

Chris Cate's votes have been a mixed bag. He has at times voted in favor of access and has at times voted against. He did not return a questionnaire. 

San Diego City Council, District 8: 
Vivian Moreno - ACCEPTABLE 

In her endorsement questionnaire, Vivian unequivocally expressed support for the current cannabis regulations in the city (40 MPFs and 14 retailers) but would not commit to voting to expand licensing within city limits "without new evidence showing this to be necessary." This precludes Vivian from a rating of all star, but her stances on the current regulatory framework makes her candidacy acceptable in the eyes of the cannabis community.

Antonio Martinez - UNKNOWN

Antonio did not submit an endorsement questionnaire to the Association, and due to his lack of voting record, it is difficult to formulate a position on his views on commercial cannabis access at this time.  

County Offices

Board of Supervisors, District 4

Nathan Fletcher - ALL STAR

Nathan Fletcher is a man who has seen first hand the benefits of cannabis, both for his fellow veterans suffering from PTSD, and for society at large. Nathan has been extremely attentive to this issue and has taken time out of his campaign to meet with industry leaders to craft a highly progressive cannabis policy. Nathan's campaign has been endorsed by several owners of ACP member businesses, and all three full-time members of ACP staff. Nathan Fletcher has pledged to vote to end the county cannabis ban and would actively promote legislation to allow commercial cannabis activity in the unincorporated county. VOTE FOR NATHAN FLETCHER ON NOVEMBER 6TH! 

Bonnie Dumanis - ANYONE BUT!

Bonnie Dumanis is the bane of Safe Access existence in San Diego. Her only record on the issue includes putting cannabis users, their providers, and their attorneys in jail. She is the absolute worst candidate for this position bar none.  DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS CANDIDATE!

Board of Supervisors, District 5

Michelle Gomez - ALL STAR

Michelle promptly returned the ACP endorsement questionnaire and her answers demonstrated deep support for Safe Access and a profound understanding of the issue. Michelle has a personal connection to this issue as her husband, Donald, is a Marine Corps veteran who uses cannabis for PTSD and Anxiety. ACP board and staff are confident that Michelle will, if elected to the Board, proactively further progressive cannabis policy. It's for all these reasons that we have designated Michelle an All-Star candidate. 

Jim Desmond - ANYONE BUT

"Legal marijuana? Never in my city." -Jim Desmond. DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS MAN!

State Offices 

Assembly District-80: 

Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher - ALL STAR

Lorena is one of the most progressive members of the California state legislature. The Board and Staff are confident that she will continue proactively advocating for progressive cannabis policy in the assembly. 

Assembly District-79: 

Shirley Weber - ALL STAR

Dr. Shirley Weber has been fighting to end the vicious war on drugs for decades. Her work to bring progressive reforms to cannabis policy has been extremely noble, and ACP board and staff are confident that she will continue this effort once re-elected. 

Assembly District-78

Todd Gloria -- ALL STAR 

Todd is also one of the most progressive members of the California state legislature who's superb voting record on cannabis issues speaks for itself. ACP board and staff has full confidence in Todd to continue to lead California forward. 

Maggie Campbell - UNKNOWN

No questionnaire received. No voting record to show 

Assembly District - 77

Sunday Gover - ACCEPTABLE

In her questionnaire, Sunday pledged to proacitively support progressive cannabis policy at the state level. She demonstrated great knowledge in the field of drug policy reform and has earned the confidence of the board and staff. 

Brian has often voted the right way on issues of cannabis, however he has not demonstrated that this is a priority for him in any way. His re-election campaign did not return a questionnaire to ACP staff, however, his voting record on this issue has earned him the rating of acceptable. 

Assembly District -76 

Elizabeth Warren - ACCEPTABLE

As a member of ACP, Liz has demonstrated considerable enthusiasm for the Safe Access movement. ACP board and staff consider her candidacy quite acceptable in this regard. Liz has frequently demonstrated her dedication to ACP by attending or sending a representitve to general meetings and ACP events. Her questionnaire also showed an in depth understanding of the issues facing the cannabis community. 

Tasha Boerner Horvath - ACCEPTABLE 

Tasha's questionnaire demonstrated a deep understanding of the issues facing the cannabis community. There was one big vote in Encinitas on a potential ordinance that she was open to supporting, but all of council instead voted to put in on the ballot. Since then, Tasha has toured cannabis facilities and has become much more knowledgable on the issues. This has earned her the rating of acceptable. 

Federal Offices:

Congressional District-53: 

Susan Davis - ALL STAR

ACP board and staff are confident that Susan Davis will vote the right way when cannabis legalization comes up on the federal docket in the upcoming years. 

Voting record: 

Veterans Equal Access Amendment (2016) - Yes


McClintock/Polis Amendment (2015) - Yes


Rohrabacher/Farr Amendment (2015) - Yes


Veterans Equal Access Amendment (2015) - Yes

Congressional District-52 

Scott Peters - ALL STAR

Scott Peters has truly earned the rating of all-star. A co-sponsor of the Marijuana Business Access to Banking Act, Scott demonstrated a dedication to this issue years ago. He has also sent a representative to numerous ACP meetings to maintain good relations with the group. Board and Staff are confident in Scott's ability to lead on this issue. 


Voting record: 

Veterans Equal Access Amendment (2016) - Yes


McClintock/Polis Amendment (2015) - Yes


Rohrabacher/Farr Amendment (2015) - Yes


Veterans Equal Access Amendment (2015) - Yes

Congressional District-51

Juan Vargas - ACCEPTABLE

Voting record: 

Veterans Equal Access Amendment (2016) - Yes


McClintock/Polis Amendment (2015) - Yes


Rohrabacher/Farr Amendment (2015) - Yes


Veterans Equal Access Amendment (2015) - Yes

Congressional District-50

Duncan Hunter - ALL STAR

Duncan Hunter has proactively furthered progressive cannabis policy. He introduced legislation aimed at reforming cannabis policy and his voting record on this issue is excellent.  

Voting record: 

Veterans Equal Access Amendment (2016) - Yes


McClintock/Polis Amendment (2015) - Yes


Rohrabacher/Farr Amendment (2015) - Yes


Veterans Equal Access Amendment (2015) - Yes

Ammar Campa Najjar - ALL STAR

Ammar's questionnaire elucidated his progressive views on cannabis. He believes in nationwide decriminalization and will proactively work towards this goal if elected to congress.  


Mike Levin - ALL STAR

Mike Levin has expressed the most progressive cannabis policy of any candidate in this race. Mike has attended ACP meetings and spoken with ACP staff in shaping his cannabis policy. When asked by ACP staff if he would sponsor legislation decriminalizing cannabis at the federal level, he answered "absolutely yes." This accumulation of factors has earned Mike the confidence of the ACP board and staff.  

Dianne Harkey - unknown

Harkey's campaign did not submit a questionnaire to ACP for review. VOTE FOR MIKE LEVIN!

Superior Court Judge Seat no. 37

Matt Brower - ALL STAR 

Matt is a prosecutor who's views on cannabis differ significantly from that of the current and recent past District Attorney. Matt calls himself a "follow the law" candidate, currently meaning that he believes all San Diegans should be free from arrest for personal use of cannabis. He has proactively taken steps to reach out to the cannabis community and share with us his views on this subject.  


Outdated views on cannabis. Not in touch with the will of the voters. Vote for Matt Brower. 

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