Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52)

Incumbent congressman Scott Peters has been consistently voted for the rights of medical marijuana patients.  He also has actively engaged with the local medical marijuana community, sending representatives to local meetings of Americans for Safe Access and openly advocating for patients’ rights.

REp. Juan Vargas (CA-51)

Incumbent Congressman Juan Vargas has not been vocal on the issue of medical marijuana, but his voting record in congress has been consistently positive. We hope he becomes more vocal in the future.

Rep. Susan Davis  (Ca-53)

We are endorsing Susan Davis for Congress because she has consistently voted for pro-access legislation in Congress.  That said, she has not been a vocal advocate, nor has she cosponsored any bills in favor of medical marijuana access or patients.  We would like to see her to more in the future.

Sen. Toni Atkins   (SD-39)

Toni Atkins has been a staunch supporter of medical marijuana patients’ rights and the end of marijuana prohibition since long before her time in the California State Legislature.  She championed the medical marijuana regulation and safety act, and has consistently voted in favor of legitimizing medical marijuana access.

ASM. Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher (AD-80)

Lorena Gonzalez is a passionate and dedicated assembly member who is not afraid to advocate very vocally, and very strongly, for the causes she feels most passionate about. And while she has consistently voted for medical marijuana access, we wish that she would adopt this issue as one of her core priorities.

ASm. Todd Gloria (AD-78)

Todd Gloria has been a staunch supporter of medical marijuana patients and rights during his time a council member in San Diego City and we look forward to him continuing this work in the State Legislature. 

ASm. Shirley Weber (AD-79)

We strongly support incumbent assembly member Shirley Weber for re-election.  She has been a strong supporter of medical marijuana patients’ rights and, as an African American woman, she has been quick to highlight the use of drug laws to persecute the African American community in California. 

When asked what she would do as city attorney to address potential statewide legalization, she promised to work closely with city officials and law enforcement to implement measures that regulate, tax and control cannabis. She agrees that we must keep cannabis out of the hands of minors and away from schools and ensure that revenue from taxing cannabis is put to good use in our communities. 

Councilmember Bry has been a strong voice on behalf of the cannabis community reliably throughout her term by consistently pushing back against anti-cannabis sentiment that arises from her council colleagues. She is a strong advocate for Research and Development.

Hon. Steve Padilla (Chula Vista CC-D3)

Steve Padilla has long been outspoken in his support of medical marijuana and has shown a willingness to meet with and listen to advocates as part of his campaign.

Georgette Gomez has consistently demonstrated her stances as a patients' rights advocate, having recently accepted an invitation to speak at the meeting of the Association of Cannabis Professionals. Gomez demonstrated her vast knowledge regarding local policy at the meeting. Though given relatively few opportunities, Gomez has consistently voted on the side of patients' rights and should be considered a friend of the cannabis community.

Mayor Blakespear voted with her council and the will of the people of Encitias for a resolution that would allow struggling farmers to explore cultivating marijuana as a means of stimulating their business. With her help, the resolution passed 4-1.

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